Creative Hub

Every year the 1535° Creative Hub organizes open doors to allow professionals, enthusiasts and the general public to discover its residents and their work.
In 2020, Explose is renewing it, with the "Creative Week" in a special edition 100% online! The idea is to broadcast unique content on a dedicated ephemeral site for a full week with an announced schedule: interviews, live sessions, e-shop and a pop-up store in the heart of Differdange.

The creative week ! What is that ?

The 1535° Creative hub and Explose have imagined the creative week, a 100% online event dedicated to creative know-how and to show their working environment. From October 17 to 24, users were able to discover live and replay portraits of the residents (product designer, 2D & 3D animation studio, illustrators, photographers, digital agencies, graphic designers, painterz, architectz, audiovisual production studios) and special guests on an ephemeral website dedicated to the event:

The creative week, produced by Explose

Explose took care of the entire creation of the event: concept, communication, identity, website and e-shop, production and realization of the video content, interviews, scenographies, creation of the pop-up store (interior architecture, design & space planning.). 

The agency also created and developed the DNA of the event, in consistency with the identity of the 1535° Creative Hub, while deploying strong, modern and innovative components to ensure the promotion of the event.

Event communication

The agency designed and set up the entire teasing phase which was deployed on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) by imagining a digital and participative concept, allowing Internet users to create their own event poster of each resident in order to incite sharing and encourage the virality of the event.

Digital marketing

Aware of the value of social media for an impactful communication, Explose agency has set up the entire digital marketing strategy with the sponsorship of the event on Instagram and Facebook in Luxembourg but also internationally.


The communication was also carried out through print posters, invitations, double-page magazines, flyers and stickers.

Film making et photography

Explose produced and directed a series of 43 portraits/interviews, 4 live sessions and 1 TV spot. For each interviews, Explose was keen to create a particular scenography to highlight the residents. 
To feed the teasing phase around the event, Explose developed a series of photo content during the shootings, specifically designed for the website and social networks. 


Explose agency created the website of the creative week (UX/UI design and development) where users discovered the program of the week and the live and replayed interviews on the website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

E-shop & pop-up store 

A pop-up store located in the heart of Differdange (Luxembourg) has been designed, fitted out and decorated with the 1535° Creative Hub by Explose especially for the event, aiming to present and sell the creations of the 1535° residents. 

The online purchase was also made possible thanks to the implementation of an e-shop, with stock management, possible deliveries in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as a click-and-collect solution directly to the pop-up store.

Film making
Motion design
Sound design
Digital Strategy