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Ville de Luxembourg

little big european metropolis

The City of Luxembourg is a small town with all the advantages of a big European city. A diversified cultural offer, a very good education system, infrastructures and successful companies. In addition, a great quality of life, half of the territory is constituted by green spaces. It is also an attractive city, 68 % of the population are foreigners.


The capital of the Grand Duchy has to be able to answer at the same time the requests of the citizens, border workers and tourists. Our challenge at Explose, is to facilitate the relations between the City of Luxembourg and the citizens.

Ville de Luxembourg - Desktop

create a digital administrative service dedicated to the population

The target of the website of the City of Luxembourg is multiple with different needs with mass of essential contents. In an Agile approach, we decomposed the features of the site into working sprints to move forward gradually and methodically.

Ville de Luxembourg - Méthodes de travail

define the target public

It was important to define clearly the target public and to embody them in Personas, kind of archetypes of the user. The behaviours helped us to define the routes of browsing. We leaned on a realistic conception based on what the final user can and wants to do.

Ville de Luxembourg - Personas type

involve the users

The previous website included approximately 7.500 pages. The City tried to reduce the contents, but realized that every content has an interest for a user according to his profile and his situation. The challenge was to manage and organize this mass of contents. 

One of our first mission was to prepare an exercise of Card Sorting to appeal to users. The City really wanted to imply real citizens About fifty users participated in the test and theirs results allowed us to highlight tendencies and possible ways of intentions to improve the arborescence of the website.

Ville de Luxembourg - Photo de la ville

create an arborescence around simple verbs

Established the arborescence allows the user to adjust its situation: move, live, to work, to visit. The wording of the items of menus and submenus was refined again to organize 5 at 6 sublevels of contents. 

Besides the main menu, to multiply the chances of the user to reach the contents which he looks for, we multiplied entry points on the homepage.

Ville de Luxembourg Grid - 1
Ville de Luxembourg Grid - 2
Ville de Luxembourg Grid - 3
Ville de Luxembourg Grid - 4

dedicate a search engine to the user

As a main entry point, we created a search engine with open field which welcomes the user: "Moien, comment peut-on vous aider aujourd’hui ?"

Indexing the set of the contents, the setup algorithm studies the user behaviour on the website to improve constantly the results and propose answers more and more precise.

Next to subsections, two other types of entrances:

  • By profile: associations, storekeepers and entrepreneurs, young people, parents, people with specifics needs, resident, seniors
  • By theme: art and culture, environment and cleanliness, politics and administration, town planning and accommodation, steps and social offers, mobility, sports and leisure activities
Ville de Luxembourg - Moteur de recherche
Ville de Luxembourg - Résultats de recherche


The digital identity was developed in continuity with the existing visual identity. We put the graphic components in a reference document allowing the declension of the digital identity on various media (mobile apps, external departments), etc.

Ville de Luxembourg - UI Kit


  • Development of the website in responsive design web, adapted to the mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • Implementation of CMS Drupal:
    • Pages of contents easily administrable via CMS DRUPAL.
    • System of 'paragraphs' allowing to compose pages in a simple and aesthetic way.
    • Training and user guide of CMS.
  • Connection with the API, iframes and other tools of the City (traffic, schedules in real time of buses, calculator of waste).


  • Accessible website (adapted to the people with specifics needs).
  • Search engine performing, indexing all the contents:
    • Displaying in full screen.
    • Autocomplete mode, suggesting the results as the user writes
    • Showing the department bound to the contents for an easier first contact.
Ville de Luxembourg - Challenges technologiques

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